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Java is an object-oriented language like C++, but has some advanced features. It It is a free language which is platform independent. With java you can write once and run everywhere!

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24 Hours with 2 live projects

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Live - Instructor Led Training


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A dedicated place to practice

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Please find below what will be taught!

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Original Price ₹4,999
Student Discount ₹2,499
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Introduction to Java

  • What is Java

  • Platform Independent

  • JRE, JDK & IDE

  • Setting up the Java Development Environment(P)

  • Working with Variables and Datatype(P)

  • Working with Package(P)

No of Hours

What is Object Oriented Programming?

  • Introduction of OOPS

  • Working with Classes(P)

  • Working with Methods(P)

  • Working with Object(P)

  • Working with Access Modifier(P)

  • Working with Encapsulation(P)

  • What is – Static & This keyword(P)

  • Working with Method Overloading(P)

  • What is Inheritance and working with it?(P)

  • Working with Array(P)

  • Using Keywords – Super & Final(P)

  • Working with Overriding(P)

  • Working with Abstract Class(P)

  • Using Interface(P)

No of Hours

Exception Handling

  • What is Exception

  • Working with try and catch block(P)

  • Working with throw & throws keyword(P)

  • Creating our own Exception(P)

No of Hours

Multi threading

  • What is Multithreading

  • Life Cycle of a Thread

  • Creating Thread(P)

  • Sleeping a thread(P)

No of Hours

Java I/O

  • Working with File Output and Input(P)

  • FileWriter and FileReader(P)

  • Input by Console and scanner(P)

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Practical Project #1

  • Project covering all the topics

No of Hours

Practical Project #2

  • Project covering all the topics

No of Hours

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Just like you, we were also students, looking for perfect teacher to guide us and mentor us!

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  • Batch available in English as well as Hindi
  • Our trainer has deeper knowledge of the Java
  • Training is Job oriented
  • Post training supported provided

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Most important questions

We do provide refund but only if 20% or less course is completed

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This course is designed for 4th year students who are looking for placement